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Success Stories

Tutor Doctor Vancouver Success Stories

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You may find someone who started out just like you.

“Nathan has shown a lot of enthusiasm and effort in the tutoring sessions, which have had very positive results in both school and at home. The progress has been outstanding. Yili (the tutor) does a wonderful job with Nathan – can’t give her enough compliments. She’s attentive, flexible, enthusiastic and very caring. Her reports are detailed and informative. I appreciate the reports because it allows me to follow up and understand where the progress is at. All in all, it has been a great experience all the way around”.

Audrey, mother of Nathan, Vancouver

“We have had fantastic results with our tutor Lisa. Both Ella and Grace have improved and we are happy that they fully meeting expectations in most areas”.

Tanya, mother of Ella and Grace, Vancouver

“I love the personal, friendly, professional service of Tutor Doctor starting with the management team Bryan, Samantha. It was a pleasure to deal with you guys. I love the service right in my house suited to our needs and flexibility of arranging our schedules directly with the tutor. I was very satisfied how my son connect with Joyce, his tutor. She was very professional, patient, friendly and firm, give him all the support he needs.
Another plus that I love is the feed ups after each session giving details about what they did in class, comments, etc. My son and myself have been satisfied with the system and service”.

Luisa, mother of Felipe, Vancouver

“Thank you for all the help throughout my sophomore year I was very satisfied with your services and I saw a huge improvement from my results in math. Joyce is an amazing person very patient and went through the curriculum thoroughly and at great pace. She made me discover how I can solve things on my own just with a little persistence and time”.

Felipe, student of Vancouver Tutor Doctor

“I like Brian, my teacher, [who] is very passion[ate] about the English language [in] general. He makes sure I do not make little mistake[s] when I write any email or letter. Very detail[ed] with the textbook and patience is the key.” — June 2012

Adult ESL student (Vancouver)

— June 2012
Nicole, Mother of Connie and Conway (Vancouver)

“We worked with both Cameron and Patrizio for my sons. We were really happy with the personalised approach that both tutors took, and with the relationship they both developed. My sons have done very well under their expert tutorship! Thank you to both Cameron and Patrizio – they have done an excellent job.”
— June 2012

Mother of two Grade 10 boys (Vancouver)

I wanted to let you know that I am really happy to have Adam as my son’s tutor. My son looks confident about his Math skills. He had a full mark for his Math quiz at the school and he is pleased to have Adam to help him. Thank you for introducing such a caring tutor for him!

Mother of Grade 10 student at Lord Byng High School (Vancouver)

My daughter Deniz didn’t know how to express herself in her writing. Now, she is able to elaborate more. I just met with Deniz’s teacher at school and there is significant improvement in her writing and punctuation. Deniz is now one of the top in her class. Thank you, Connie (Deniz’s tutor).”

– Mel, mother of Deniz (Vancouver)

I hired Tutor Doctor in May to help with my teenage daughter’s exam preparation. I had been helping her myself yet we always ended up arguing. Brian met with my daughter and myself and then found a match for her. Lucy connected very well with her tutor and went into her exams with confidence. She helped her to really understand her subjects in detail. Lucy’s report card came back with better grades than she had expected.

Using Tutor Doctor’s services alleviated the stress for me, helped with my daughter’s and my relationship, helped improve her grades and most of all helped with my daughter’s academic confidence. We also used Tutor Doctor’s services for summer help for my younger daughter. I was worried that Nastacia would be upset having school work during the summer – on the contrary – after her second session with her tutor she told me it was so much fun!

– Birgit, mother of Lucy and Nastacia (Vancouver)

When our son was having some difficulties in school we sought out a tutor to help him. We approached many agencies but the Tutor Doctor was prompt and easy to work with. They cared about matching our son with the perfect Tutor that would suit him, his needs and our expectations. The match they found for us has worked out incredibly well. Our Tutor is well suited to our sons learning style and is both engaging and knowledgeable. She has made learning fun and our son looks forward to his tutoring nights. She has been punctual and professional. She has many teaching skills and is very creative with them. Our experience has been a very positive one and we will be staying with our Tutor and Tutor Doctor.”

– Suzanne, mother of Zac (Vancouver)

I received the result of the math test right after I handed it in and my mark was 95% and they require only 85% . It is better than I expected, thank you and Sean (tutor) very much.”

– Lisa Peng, University Math Qualification student (Vancouver)

Dear Mr FitzGerald:

I appreciate you checking in with me. I am happy to report to you that Ali has been an outstanding tutor and i am pleased over the progress that we have made so far. Again i am grateful for all your assistance and support. Looking forward to using it in other subjects as well.

At this point, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. I found you a gentleman who is deeply committed to the cause of his clients and to providing the best possible service at the highest level of student’s satisfaction and for that i respect you and definitely looking forward to using your services in the near future.

– Rouzbeh (Vancouver)

“Thank you Tutor Doctor! My son Bret had two very challenging classes during this past winter, math 30, and chemistry 30. We knew that he needed a tutor. We were very fortunate to come across the Tutor Doctor. From the very first’s phone call with Roxanne, we were pleased. We felt that they really cared and wanted to help. Roxanne and the tutor that was assigned to Bret were very committed to making a difference and truly helped Bret. The assigned tutor was always on time and the convenience of someone coming to the house was very helpful with our other time commitments. I would highly recommend tutor doctor to anyone who needs extra help with their child’s studies. Sincerely,”

– Jodi, Parent of Bret

You have permission to use my testimonial as you see fit. There is no way Torie would have gotten an 86% on her Geometry final and a 90% on her research paper without Stacy’s help. We are very grateful for you and her.

– Hilary, Parent of Torie

I really like working with Ryan. He has helped me a lot with my school work and makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I’m working on it. I trust him a lot and he is easy to talk to. I can talk to him about things I don’t talk to other people about, and he gives me really good advice. He is very patient working with me, and is able to tell me how to do things in a way I can understand, which my teachers don’t do all the time.

– Bryce, Student

Chad’s new tutor Amanda is awesome. They both work well together. The second week she had a rule chart made up. “Chad’s rules” the 4th rule was smile. I thought that was so cute. He likes the new attention and route. Just want to let you know. Thanks so much for your support. Sincerely,

– Dorie, Parent of Chad

“Since Tutor Doctor hired a tutor for my 8th grade son, he has been eager to learn. He looks forward to having a one on one session to help him with his comprehension and a better understanding of his homework. I see that my son has much more self esteem and his attitude is much improved because his grades are much improved. Overall, I love that he is getting the kind of help he needs to get him through the difficulties of learning.”

– Laila, mother of Daniel Hawthorne

“We are very happy with our experience to date with our son’s tutor, Ryan. We were not sure what to expect when we signed on, but Ryan is very conscientious and relates extremely well with our son, Bryce. They have really made a connection. We notice that Bryce actually looks forward to his time with Ryan and gets his supplies together and sits down at the table as soon as Ryan comes to the door. The help Ryan has given him seems to make Bryce much more confident when working on his school assignments, and has led to achieving better grades. Previously, when working with us, Bryce usually procrastinated and avoided his homework as long as possible. He actually now stays after school to work on assignments and projects if needed something we have never seen in the past.

– Jim & Robyn , Parents of AaronJane, Parent of Samantha

We hired Steve and we had our first tutoring session today. It was fantastic. Steve handled the whole process beautifully and the tutor was on time, and more important… my son thinks she’s fantastic. If you have a student struggling in a subject, PLEASE save your marriage and your sanity and call Steve. And I swear, this is an unsolicited testimonial...”

– Parent of Student

“We just received her report card & had parent-teacher interviews this morning. Her teachers have said in the past few weeks she has done a complete turnaround! They can’t believe it’s the same little girl that started the year off with them. We are SO very PROUD of her. Tiyana has built some confidence in her which in turn has caused her to begin to interact in class discussions. Thank you for this. Her report card this term was the BEST one she has EVER had in her 3 1/2 years of school. Again, thank you. This is just what our little girl needed.

– Erin, Parent of Tiyana

We hired Steve and we had our first tutoring session today. It was fantastic. Steve handled the whole process beautifully and the tutor was on time, and more important… my son thinks she’s fantastic. If you have a student struggling in a subject, PLEASE save your marriage and your sanity and call Steve. And I swear, this is an unsolicited testimonial...”

– Parent of Student

My wife and I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the great work that Patrick of Tutor Doctor has been doing in tutoring our grandson Tyler. Patrick’s sessions with Tyler have given our grandson a new sense of confidence in his abilities and a more solid foundation in math and language in the classroom. We tried several other programs and have found yours to be far and away the best. We thank you and Patrick and look forward to continued improvement in Tyler’s work over the coming months. Kind regards,”

– Fred, Parent of Tyler

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