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ESL Tutoring

Image of Oriental Garden representing Vancouver ESL TutoringGreater Vancouver is becoming a more cosmopolitan area every year; our culture is being enriched by the arrival of numerous families from China, Iran, Eastern Europe and many other places. Children in those families have great opportunity in their new home, but must first overcome the challenge of learning English and discovering how to learn in an English language school. Tutor Doctor has broad experience in helping students of all ages and at all levels of English language ability. We focus not only on acquiring English language ability, but in all facets of how to be successful as a student in a Vancouver school.

Our ESL tutoring includes many components, each one tailored for the needs of students at certain levels. Here are some examples of how we can help a student acquire English skills:

Learning in an English School for ESL Students

Many ESL students come to Canada with superior academic basics, especially in Math. However, learning in other countries is generally very different from learning in Canada. Without one-to-one guidance, students can become discouraged. While they are struggling to master English in an ESL class, they are not able to learn in Science or Social Studies. They have not yet learned the vocabulary of these subjects, and they don’t know what is expected of them, especially if they don’t understand the questions in their homework.

Tutor Doctor can help with English for ESL students. At the same time we can provide the guidance that will get your student learning effectively in the shortest time possible. We will help with extended vocabulary, curriculum discussion, homework support and communication with the teacher to ensure alignment with the classroom needs.

Conversational English

New students with little English need help with conversational English first. Our tutors are fully capable to help with the curriculum for English courses at school. But they can also help your student to adapt to life in Canada by introducing to them the things about Canadian life that are important. Children who are confident in talking with their classmates, teachers and neighbours in English are much more likely to make English speaking friends and settle happily in Canada. Happy students learn well.

Reading and Writing Skills

We find the majority of new students have good ability in the mechanics of reading; they sound as if they read well, but the level of comprehension often falls far short of their grade level. We can help these students to build their comprehension by increasing their vocabulary, their understanding of grammar, and to develop their reading skills.

Students with conversation and reading skills near their grade level can learn effectively in an English school. But many students, even several years after entering a Vancouver school, still have only a limited ability to write essays and express themselves in other written exercises. As the high school years progress, by Grade 10 at least, it is essential for students to have acquired good grammar, spelling and vocabulary, and to write high quality essays with ease. Students who achieve this level often go on to outperform their classmates.

Learning Strategies for High School Students

Many recent immigrant students have Math and Science skills more advanced than their grade level. But they may fall behind if they cannot acquire the specialized vocabulary of Math and Sciences. Social Studies presents an even bigger challenge, where English skills are critical, and the subject matter is all completely unfamiliar for students not raised in Canada.

Tutor Doctor recommends a course of instruction in English as a Second Language combined with support for other subjects, an emphasis on English for Science, English for Social Studies, etc.. We have tutors with experience who can ease the transition.

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