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French Tutoring

Tutor Doctor supports many students learning French at school, from early elementary through high school and beyond.  Our French Tutoring programs can helps students at various levels.

French Tutoring

Image of Stanley Park Sea Wall representing French and Other Language TutoringFrench Immersion students have a special challenge in the early elementary years, as they take on the challenge of learning to read and write in two languages at once. One-to-one tutoring helps many to overcome the early challenge.

For many students through the elementary and high school years, French is a challenging subject that they need but do not enjoy. We have some outstanding French tutors who can make learning French engaging and interesting.

We also provide very effective tutoring for adults learning conversational French. Whereas there are many very inexpensive group classes for adult learning, one-to-one at-home learning is very much more effective.

High school students need a second language for University entrance. Whereas a large majority still choose French, there is an ever growing number who are opting for Spanish or Mandarin instead. Tutor Doctor has tutors qualified and experienced in supporting each of these languages at all levels from beginner to Grade 12 level.

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